UK Cycling Alliance

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The Bicycle Association is a participant in the UK Cycling Alliance, UKCA. This is an informal group of non-government and membership organisations working in and on behalf of cycling. The alliance works in collaboration to influence policy and direction at all levels of government, both at Westminster and in Whitehall.

The UKCA aims to ensure that any new regulation or legislation takes into consideration the best interests of cyclists, and other vulnerable road users.

It is a non-party-political alliance, working closely with the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group. The UKCA funds Adam Coffman, who is located at the Palace of Westminster, and liaises with the APPCG.

The objectives of the UKCA are to:

Take appropriate action in Westminster, Whitehall and with other bodies in support of cycling and the needs of cyclists.

Offer opportunities for policy makers and MP’s to engage with cyclists and cycling organisations; to run events and promotions, and to boost policymakers; awareness of cycling issues.

Co-ordinate shared campaigns and policy initiatives across cycling groups; sharing information and renewing progress against its annual Action Plan.

Raise, hold and spend funds or support in kind appropriate to achieving these objectives.

The participants in the UKCA are:

Bicycle Association
Association of Cycle Traders
British Cycling
Cycle Nation
London Cycle Campaign

For more information, contact Adam Coffman